Thursday, February 09, 2012

Korean Style Stir Fry

Had a surprise party for a really good friend last night.  It was surely a surprise everyone would remember.

Part of our surprise was cooking and serving most of her favorite foods.  In addition, we decided to add something new, something my friends could also cook easily at home.

 Click here for the recipe


  1. Thank you so much!! I super enjoyed the whole surprise party and the food!!

    oh you have the soup recipe we did last week? I want to try it..pero nakalimutan ko na..hahaha!! yung may egg?

    1. So glad you enjoyed last night. :)

      Hmmm... I haven't posted it yet. Will send you the recipe soon. I might post it tomorrow. I forgot eh. hahaha.

  2. i love beef with sesame oil. lakas ng dating sakin. :)


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