Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Amber's Pancit Malabon

Yesterday was my hubby's birthday so we decided to order pancit from Amber's Filmore Makati. 

Amber's have really delicious and affordable pancit good for serving guest.  For less than a thousand, you can feed 10-15 hungry mouths.  Their pancit malabon is one of the best pancit malabon in the whole country.  Their pichi pichi is well known and is to die for.

Unfortunately, their service seems to be a lot slower than you expected.  Though Amber's Filmore Makati is just 1 block away from my house, it would take them an hour to 2 hours to deliver.  For pick-up, they would often times be 10 minutes late on the set pick-up time.  Ordering and waiting for your pancit and pichi pichi would be the best option.  They served it faster than expected but would have to repeat order as they sometimes forget to prepare some of your orders.  The servers do not even smile and are often times on the verge of irritation.  I find their customer skills very lacking.

But all in all, though their service may need a lot of tuning, their food and delicacies would cover up the flaws.  I would like to say it was worth the wait... but I wouldn't.  Having good customer service is still important.

But if you'd like an affordable and mouth watering pancit and pichi pichi for a party or just bonding with a group of friends, Amber's is the place to go to.  Just remember to bring a bucket full of patience.  

Amber Golden Plate Restaurant, Filmore

1324 Filmore St. cor. Emilia St.
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 884-8888

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